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Romario Rodrigues
Romario Rodrigues

Dragon Age Origins Trainer 11014141

Dragon Age Origins Trainer 11014141

Dragon Age Origins is a role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in 2009. The game is set in the fantasy world of Thedas, where the player controls a character who becomes one of the last members of the Grey Wardens, an ancient order of warriors who fight against a demonic invasion known as the Blight. The game features a rich story, multiple choices, and various companions who can join the player's party.

A trainer is a software program that modifies the game's memory and allows the player to cheat or enhance their gameplay experience. A trainer can provide features such as unlimited health, mana, stamina, money, items, skills, abilities, and more. Trainers are usually designed for specific versions of the game and may not work with other versions or updates.


Dragon Age 1_3 Trainer is a trainer for Dragon Age Origins that works with version 1.03 and 1.04 of the game. It was created by a modder named Stinger3 and uploaded to Nexus Mods, a website that hosts mods for various games. The trainer has 14 options that can be activated by pressing different keys on the keyboard. The options are:

  • F1: Infinite Health

  • F2: Infinite Mana/Stamina

  • F3: Add 1000 Gold

  • F4: Add 10 Skill Points

  • F5: Add 10 Attribute Points

  • F6: Add 10 Talent/Spell Points

  • F7: Infinite Items

  • F8: Infinite Potions

  • F9: Infinite Bombs/Traps

  • F10: Infinite Crafting Materials

  • F11: Infinite Weapon/Armor Durability

  • F12: No Cooldowns

  • NumPad +: Super Speed

  • NumPad -: Normal Speed

To use the trainer, the player needs to download the file from Nexus Mods and extract it to their game folder. Then, they need to run the trainer as administrator and launch the game. The trainer will detect the game version and show a message on the screen. The player can then press the keys to activate or deactivate the options they want. The trainer will also play a sound when an option is toggled.

The trainer is intended for single-player mode only and may cause problems or crashes if used in multiplayer mode. The trainer may also conflict with other mods or trainers that modify the game's memory. The player should use the trainer at their own risk and discretion, as it may affect the game's balance and difficulty. The trainer is not endorsed by BioWare or Electronic Arts and may violate their terms of service.

Dragon Age 1_3 Trainer is one of the many trainers available for Dragon Age Origins that can enhance the player's enjoyment of the game. However, it is also important to respect the game's original design and challenge, as well as the work of the developers and modders who created it.


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