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Albert Butchers
Albert Butchers

SEC S5PC110 TEST B D DRIVER.78: A Complete Guide to Fixing This Common Error

law enforcement officers can require that you take a road test after issuing a citation. if you refuse to take the road test, your license will be suspended for one year. if you fail the road test, your license will be revoked for two years.



drivers convicted of a dui and who failed to appear for the hearing, a substance-related offense, a controlled-substance offense, or a misdemeanor offense may lose their licenses for two years. if the person is eligible to have a license reinstated, the two-year license suspension will be stayed. the person will have to pay a reinstatement fee and will need to take a six-hour class approved by the state dmv. a person convicted of a misdemeanor dui may only have his or her license reinstated if the underlying offense was not a felony. current felony-level dui or driving with a blood alcohol content over.08 will result in a five-year suspension of driving privileges.

physicians can report unsafe drivers to dmv. this form of reporting has a wide variety of uses and impacts, such as increased law-enforcement enforcement and the ability for license-suspension programs to identify and sanction unsafe drivers.

if you are injured while driving, call the police and the dmv and report that you lost control of your vehicle because the police did not arrive in time to stop an accident. immediately go to your nearest field office and apply for an official dmv hearing. please note that dmv staff can only make an immediate decision on whether to stop your license. if the dmv decides to suspend your license, you will be notified by mail to schedule a hearing. the hearing will be conducted at the closest field office.


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